What people say about Felterskelter workshops 

"Thanks for a lovely afternoon of felting - yours is the best practice/most effective teaching I've seen since observing the sessions on this project. Really nice to watch!"
(Louisa,Information and Partnerships Manager, LONSAS)

"Avi ran some felting workshops as part of our summer programme with children with SEN. She was really great to work with; well organised, flexible and with clearly thought out ideas. Avi pitched the workshops just right and got all the children involved, who were spread across a wide range of ages and abilities. Everyone was happy at the end of each day and an array of beautiful, original felt artwork was created." Zoe Kilb, Education Officer, Discover 2011

"The activities have had a very positive impact on the young people. They had the opportunity to take pride in their work and were fully supported! The resources were great and well-prepared. Students (especially those who lacked confidence) were able to realise their potential and will be able to utilise the skills that they have acquired in future study" Jana, Project Coordinator, Kew Gardens British Museum project with Into University, 2011

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for your time, expertise and lovely work with the children at St. Alban's Primary school. They had a great art week and I was very impressed with theirs and your work!"  Art Coordinator, St Albans School, Holborn

"We pulled off wool like clouds... My favourite bit was when we made the picture." Tasnia, Year 2

"Children loved the practical/hands on; best part was every child produced a beautiful piece of work... We couldn't have wished for such a wonderful outcome"  Teacher, The Cavendish School

"I liked getting messy!" Ronan, Year 2

 "The workshop was great fun and the children really enjoyed having a visiting artist demonstrating and talking about their work." Teacher, Sarum Hall School

"Really fun… I couldn’t wait until I could take it home and show it to my family and friends." Minnie, Year 6
"My class all really enjoyed it. It was a completely new experience for them all and a highlight of Arts Week."  Year 6 teacher, Marlborough Primary School Kensington
"Very good and well pitched for the children. Perfect amount of time and great end product. The children loved the process." Year 2 teacher, Marlborough Primary School Kensington
"Thank you. I really enjoyed this fantastic course with an excellent and thorough teacher." Isabelle, 6 week adult evening class participant, Kentish Town City Farm
"I enjoyed Avigail's teaching, the diversity of tecnhniques, the relaxed atmosphere and what we've made!" Nathalie, 6 week adult evening class participant, Kentish Town City Farm
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